Vehicle Inspections in Mesa, AZ

Keeping Your Car Up To Date and Safe

So you’re thinking of purchasing a used car. You may end up getting a decent deal, or the vehicle you’re looking to buy could be ridden with hidden problems. Why take chances when our team is on hand to provide comprehensive vehicle inspections and diagnostics to give you the answers you need to make a smart, informed decision?

Thorough Auto Inspections

At Parrott Discount Auto Repair, our auto inspections are designed to give you a clear picture as to how your vehicle is running. Whether you have a relatively new car with low mileage or an older vehicle that’s seen its share of wear and tear, we have the tools and skills to give you a comprehensive view of how your automobile is working. Our technicians will give you clear answers about what your vehicle needs by checking critical components like brakes, tires, suspension, transmission, and more. We pride ourselves on our transparent communication, convenient hours, and honest prices.

Get answers about the state of your vehicle. Call (480) 655-8288 or visit 452 S. Extension Road to arrange for an auto inspection.

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