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Your Engine Needs Attention

The engine in your vehicle is a powerful machine. It powers your vehicle all over the town, state, and country! At Parrott Discount Auto in Mesa, Arizona, we appreciate how much goes into making your engine the powerhouse that it is and we know that it needs specific care to continue performing at its best. That’s why our ASE Certified technicians offer tune-ups for all makes and models. We can provide the exact services your engine needs to outperform your expectations for years to come. Let us show your vehicle the care it deserves and requires to last longer and perform well. We follow factory recommendations in our tune-ups to ensure your specific vehicle receives the exact services it needs — including fluid service, oil changes, parts replacement, and more!

What We Do

A professional tune-up with our highly trained ASE Certified technicians is a step in the right direction for your engine. Once we have your vehicle in our shop, we examine everything under the hood. We inspect all parts for damage and corrosion. If a spark plug or oxygen sensor is wearing out, we’ll make a quick and simple replacement to protect your engine’s future performance. Replacing small parts today will prevent more costly repairs in the future! We also perform fluid service, changing the vehicle’s motor oil, inspecting your transmission and ATF, power steering fluid, and more. If levels are low, we’ll top them off and ensure there are no problematic leaks. Anything that could harm your car’s future performance will be amended before you get back on the road. Our technicians focus on the details during tune-ups to give you full confidence in the power and durability of your engine!

Schedule a Tune-Up

Want to show your engine the care it needs? Take a moment to schedule your next service online through our booking system. You can also call our friendly staff members at (480) 655-8288 to set up your appointment. If you have free time and don’t want to wait, we invite you to stop in for walk-in service. Our technicians are always ready to help motorists with their automotive needs. Find our shop at 452 S. Extension Road near Kleinman Park in Mesa, Arizona. Our state-of-the-art facility has everything to protect and improve your car’s health! We guarantee your complete satisfaction and your vehicle’s improved durability. You’ll be glad you took the time to protect your car’s long-term success. All you have to do is speak with our technicians to find out what your specific vehicle needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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