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Parrott Discount Auto in Mesa, Arizona provides specialized brake services. Visit our shop for your vehicle’s brake repair and receive a full quality guarantee. Our ASE Certified technicians use high-quality replacement parts and ethical practices to protect braking systems from deterioration. We won’t suggest brake repair unless we think the new parts will benefit your vehicle’s safety and performance. And if our technicians suggest a specific service, you can be sure that they have your best interests in mind. We are here to keep you and your vehicle safe by protecting fully functional brake systems in all makes and models.

Signs You Need Brake Repair

The best way to ensure you are always driving the safest version of your vehicle is to know when something is wrong and when auto repairs are needed. That’s why we are sharing these key signs of brake problems. If your car, truck, or SUV experiences one of these issues, visit our shop for professional repairs. Delaying service will only cause more damage to crucial components!


Do you hear loud squeaking when you engage the brakes? That sound comes from thin brake pads, which inevitably wear out from continuous use. The solution is simple, visit Parrott Discount Auto for brake pad replacement. Otherwise, the brake pads will wear out entirely and you may experience brake failure! Maintaining fully functional brakes starts with healthy components.

Spongy Pedal

What does it feel like when you press the brake pedal? Is it responsive and resistant to the pressure from your foot? A good braking system keeps the pedal tight so that it doesn’t take a lot of effort from the driver to engage the system. But it isn’t uncommon to see a degradation in brake response over time. If your pedal feels spongy, as though it absorbs your foot’s power, you need brake repair! Don’t drive with underperforming brakes! Get the best from your vehicle with professional brake service.

Visit Our Facility

There are countless reasons to prioritize brake repair, but the most important one is your safety. The brakes help you keep control of your car wherever you go — in traffic, on winding roads, while towing heavy loads. Whatever you do, you rely on the brakes to stop your car safely. But the parts in this essential system weren’t designed to last forever. That’s why you need to visit Parrott Discount Auto in Mesa, Arizona for regular brake checks and service. Our ASE Certified technicians inspect your vehicle for any potential issues or damage. If we find something wrong, we’ll perform repairs to restore optimal brake performance. You’ll know that your vehicle is safe to drive again after a visit to our shop. Get the peace of mind that you deserve by scheduling your next brake repair online. You can also call (480) 655-8288 or visit 452 S. Extension Road near Kleinman Park to speak with one of our staff members. We look forward to hearing from you!

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