How Tune-Ups Help Your Vehicle

Four Ways Your Car Benefits

Have you ever wondered if a tune-up service is worth the investment or if it will really help your car? Parrott Discount Auto understands that our customers want all the details before scheduling services for their vehicles. They are being smart consumers by looking out for their car’s health and their budget! A tune-up can have great benefits for your vehicle’s health, especially after years and thousands of miles of travel. Here are four ways the maintenance service could benefit your car!

Fluid Service

Fluid changes are an integral part of tune-up service. Every part of the process is aimed at helping the engine perform its best, which emphasizes the role of clean fluids. Motor oil, for example, is the deciding factor between protection and inevitable engine failure. If you keep the oil clean, it can do its job of lubricating and protecting components in the engine. It only makes sense that technicians would want to inspect and change the fluids if necessary to keep them functioning properly. As long as you have good motor oil, you’re protected from major engine problems!


With every fluid service, you should also change oil, fuel, and air filters. These parts play a big role in trapping contaminants before they can damage important components. Just like filters used in your home, they must be changed regularly to keep the systems clear. A clogged filter can’t prevent further contamination from entering the engine or cabin and harming performance. The engine might not receive enough air or grime could build up on parts.

Oxygen Sensors & Spark Plugs

Minor parts that wear out over time, like the oxygen sensors and spark plugs, should be replaced during a tune-up. These parts are small and relatively inexpensive to replace, but play a major part in protecting optimal performance. If they are worn or underperforming, they may not detect inefficiencies in your vehicle or can contribute to decreased power and fuel efficiency.

Brake & Tire Check

While your vehicle is in the hands of a certified professional for its tune-up, it might be a good idea to quickly check other key systems. The brakes are key to your car’s safety, so it’s never a bad time to inspect your brakes or brake pad thickness to ensure they are fit for continued operation. You can also take a moment to inspect the tire tread the tires aren’t balding.

When your car or trucks needs an auto repair or a tune-up, call Parrott Discount Auto in Mesa, Arizona!

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